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Specialized Consulting

  • Digital transformation in health: Establish the roadmap or action plan for the digital transformation of your organization, work based on local and international references that make sense with your strategic objectives and that lead to making a real competitive difference.


  • Chronic patient care models: Designing, adjusting or strengthening the chronic patient care model considering the needs of the market, the strengths of your entity and the opportunities of the sector, is our job. We accompany the adjustment to the care cycle, the definition of the patient's route, the articulation and comprehensiveness of care and the management of information that really underpin health results and sustainability in the face of new forms of contracting.


  • Market and competition studies: Sectoral analysis, by market segments and among competitors, in Latin America.


  • Health sector market access strategies: From the perspective of companies that wish to enter new market segments, strengthen their position in it or improve access to their products, we design strategies and execute projects that allow the pharmaceutical, ICT, suppliers and others to achieve their objectives.


  • Others: We have developed studies for national and territorial government entities, participated in projects for insurers, service providers and patient associations, among others. We work on topics such as health management, clinical management, quality and safety, and efficiency, among others.

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